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Date:01 December 2017


Natural stone box, ciottoli e granulati Teatro CEM il maggiore Verbania

CEM Il Maggiore Theater, Verbania

Beauty and functionality united in the project in Verbania

The project of the New City Theater of Verbania develops an architectural complex, with a contemporary, sculptural and highly expressive character, capable of containing a large hall with five hundred seats, a small hall with two hundred, a large entrance and distribution foyer, service functions and support, dressing rooms, offices, rehearsal rooms, bar, restaurant and a panoramic terrace for shows towards the lake.

The building is located along the coast of Lake Maggiore at the mouth of the San Bernardino river near the historic Villa Maioni, home of the Civic Library, in a panoramic position, overlooking the surrounding landscape, redefining a new configuration of the area in relationship to the presence of the lake, the beach and the Villa.

The project includes the works of external arrangement of the area immediately adjacent to the new theater building that allow to extend the intervention to the surrounding context and also to create an outdoor performance space.

The external steps allow wide panoramic visibility of the lake in all directions, a better connection with the beach, with tourist activities, for bathing.
This area will support the holding of outdoor events and shows in the presence of a large number of spectators, also partially located inside the building.

The new building is located in front of the lake, with a panoramic view, with a view towards the surrounding landscape and with continuity between inside and outside. In consideration of the lake view, the roof of the foyer is defined by a light staircase intended as a panoramic terrace where you can go out and appreciate the surrounding landscape.
The whole constitutes a contemporary cultural pole and connected to the external green layout and the landscape of the place where the building represents the catalyst element of a redevelopment of a much wider area than that strictly connected to the realization of the Theater, urban redevelopment and landscaping at the same time.


The main materials used, in addition to reinforced concrete, are stone, wood, rubber and zinc. The typology of the materials used meets bioclimatic criteria and, consequently, satisfies fundamental requirements such as on-site availability, non-harmfulness and that have not been made polluting by structural transformations, upsetting their chemical composition.
In addition, in each phase of construction of the work, they will constantly maintain their bio-ecological nature and their character of recyclability and environmental sustainability.


For the external arrangement, naturalistic engineering solutions were favored with the use of bundles and geotextiles for the containment of sloping lands, integrated with planting of native essences while for the construction of the tiers and to contain the differences in height, mesh gabions were used metal filled with local stone pebbles. Above the gabion has been
fixed a slab in serizzo, saw plane, with a mechanical locking, to allow users to sit.
The junctions between the differences in height are resolved with steps in solid granite (which also incorporate path marker lighting).

Place Verbania, Italy
Year 2016
Project CEM Il Maggiore Theater
Product Natural Stone Box, pebbles and gravels