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Stabilized natural material, the ideal product to create outdoor paving, pedestrian, aesthetic dirt roads and cycle paths. Calcestre is available in white obtained from a mixture of various pieces of pure white dolomite stone.

The final appearance will be that of a path made with a fine gravel finish. Considering that this product has limited draining capacity it is advisable to give the right slope.


0-12 mm | 0-16 mm 2-4 cm To be laid over a roadbed
0-50 mm 15 cm To be laid in direct contact with the soil


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We recommend laying the Calcestre with the help of the paver and at the same time perform abundant watering with water with fine jet nozzles to moisten the material. Then compact with the help of a compactor roller.



It is possible to realize a solid paving using Calcestre with water and white cement or white mortar.
When we talk about white cement we refer to “bianchi of Italcementi” high end products for the purity of the raw materials that they use and for the specific production process, with an unparalleled and constant over time aesthetic value of white.
The cooperation with Italcementi has led to the optimization of a material designed for the pedestrian and/or cycling paving use, stable, not dusty which its resistance is function of the degree of compaction .
At the time of Calcestre order will be supplied the installation instructions and the technical features of the best binder for your application in accordance to the results of the optimization process carried out.

>0,70 Mpa >6 Mpa >10%



Lay the product maintaining the thickness of more than 10 cm above a consolidated roadbed made in a workmanlike manner. Compress the paving made by a suitable means.
Wait for the 28-day maturation period of the calcestre and if possible cover with a plastic sheet for at least 3 days after casting.
The product is initially characterized by good drainage capacity that with time, given the action of cold hot cycles and the mechanical compaction resulting from the action of cycling and pedestrian crossing, will decline. The product is guaranteed for the pedestrian cycle passage.

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Suitable product for the construction of pedestrian and cycle paths. Since it contains organic components that facilitate compaction, no binder needs to be added.

0-12 mm Bulk and Big Bag 1500 kg


Prodotti complementari Granulati zandobbio