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Date:30 December 2017


Stone City Bolgare esposizione dell'architettura del paesaggio

STONE CITY, Bolgare (BG)

The unique landscape architecture exhibition in Europe

Stone City is a magical, captivating and evocative space, a source of inspiration for every visitor who loves outdoor furniture: in fact, it brings together the best outdoor solutions made with natural products , a real journey immersed in the world of stone. Here the concept of an open-air showroom is overcome with a natural connection between stone materials, places of origin and mining activity.

The park is enhanced by the presence of numerous plants and valuable essences, in which the role played by water, the play of light and the sounds that characterize the furnishings of contemporary gardens in an ever more marked way becomes relevant.



Place Bolgare, Bergamo, Italy
Year 2015
Products Sintered stone pavings, natural stone pavings, pebbles and gravels, Gravelfix, Alubord, Natural Stone Box, Natural Panel.