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Date:10 February 2019


Pavimento in pietra naturale ciottoli e granulati Resort Manerbio Brescia

Resort, Brescia, Italy

A fairytale resort surrounded by nature

An immense green space surrounds the Resort located in Manerbio (BS) which is embellished with pebbles, granulates and monoliths of Granulati Zandobbio. The external floor surrounding the perimeter of the Resort and around the swimming pool is also in natural stone and was supplied by the company, as well as the Natural Stone Boxes that surround and enclose the area.
Just a few simple details are enough to bring out the beauty of this heavenly landscape.

Place Brescia, Italy
Year 2018
Project Manerbio Resort
Products Travertino Natural stone paving, Monoliths, Gravels, Pebbles and Natural Stone Box