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Date:09 August 2022


Recinzione natural stone box

Dividing gabions, Brescia

Stable and strong walls to create a parking space

With the Natural Stone Boxes by Granulati Zandobbio, creating dividing walls to delimit a parking lot is very simple. The gabions are easily assembled and once positioned and filled the job is done. They do not require maintenance and being able to choose the color of the pebbles or granules with which to fill them makes this product really advantageous, which can be adapted to any environment. Various sizes of gabions are available in the catalog.
The Natural Stone Box gabions are ideal both as dividing walls but also for containment, or they can be used as anti-terrorism barriers, or as decorative walls or as benches in public places.

Place Brescia, Italy
Year 2022
Project Restaurant parking dividing walls
Products Natural Stone Box and Ciottoli