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Bianca Atzei, an italian singer, choose the location of Stone City for her last videoclip.


bianca atzei a stone city


From Friday 31th August is on-air in radio “Come in un’isola”, a song that marks the radio debut as a producer of Jerico feat with Bianca Atzei and Chile, an irresistible single that comes from the memories of the end of a summer.


The artists have chosen as the location of this new song Stone City . The exhibition of natural stone and porcelain stoneware materials by Granulati Zandobbio, ideal for landscape design and architecture.
The setting, full of different styles outdoor landscapes, gave the videoclip the ideal atmosphere that the singers were looking for: the feeling of reliving the best moments of the summer now at the end.


Here are the words of Bianca about the project:
“This song was proposed to me by Il Cile, when I just returned from the “L’isola dei famosi” (an italian tv program). I remodeled and worked on me. Free as never before, free to shine and to choose, free with my music and the heart that beats more than ever”



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