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The new shopping center that thanks to the design, the specific technology of the drawing with digital processing and projection of the images in place, the application technique, grinding and polishing makes it unique in Europe.

Natural aggregates such as marble, granite, glass and even sea shells were provided by Granulati Zandobbio to realize the magnificent Terrazzo flooring which is spread over an area of 1100 m2 square meters on the ground floor of the shopping center in the heart of Bucharest. A particularly striking yield, characterized by large backgrounds that draw the colorful scenery.

An “hand made” pavement realized in 12 mm thickness, with a last generation epoxy resin, UV-resistant, able to bind marble, granite, quartz and shells, laid with care and mirror polished.
A manual and team work, knowledge of materials and technologies, machinery and professional tools, passion for perfection done by workers, craftsmen and artists able to customize carefully every architectural intervention.

What is terrazzo?
Terrazzo is a flooring finish using marble, granite, glass or other natural or synthetic aggregates, mixed with a cement and/or resin binder, poured seamlessly, on site, grinded and polished to shining.

It was incidentally created by Venetian artisans, more than 2,000 years ago, in an attempt to make use of the irregular marble pieces and of the wastes of the marble “cutting”; one may say it is the first flooring of recycled materials.
Terrazzo has been, is and will remain a handmade flooring, the quality of which is given mostly by the skills of those involved: workers, artisans, artists. Their “art” is the escape from the plane world of patterns and readymade products. It is about hard man work and team-effort, in-depth knowledge on materials and technologies, professional machinery and tools, passion for perfection…


ParkLake Mall, Titan Park, Bucarest, Romania
Sonae Sierra (Portugal)
Indoor finishes general contractor: :
Cobelba (Portugal)
Creative Flooring, Aragon Group (Romania)
Inert material supplier:
Granulati Zandobbio S.p.A. (Italy)




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