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All the products constitute perfect choices in terms of materials, carefully chosen colours and proposed finishes. High-level products for residential settings with parks and gardens but also for enhancing any urban context, squares and public spaces of great expressive value. The numerous proposed finishes will give you the material advantage, the unquestionable aesthetic appeal and naturalness of stone paving.
The colours of nature, all the appeal of natural stone.


Natural: the product in its natural form, the structure and colour of the original rock that has not been subjected to any surface treatment.

Polished: after careful surface cleaning the monolith is worked manually to obtain a rounded, polished or semipolished shape. The glossy effect is obtained by applying lacquer or oils or by a corrosive action on the surface.

Tumbled: the pebble undergoes the mechanical transformations required to obtain the desired rounding. In some cases, the products are already rounded by the natural mechanical processes, normally owing to the erosive action of water.
Shattered: the chippings are natural stones with a shape that is irregular and not worked but which is generated by a natural shattering process.

Natural: the finishing layer does not undergo particular working and the surface layer has a natural and rough appearance.
Antique: obtained from special processes giving an aged appearance that creates a wavy and smooth surface.
Fired: this is a finish obtained through a procedure that aesthetically enhances the surfaces, making them slip-proof and creating a slightly irregular effect.
Polished: polishing highlights the veining and colouring of the stone. A particularly polished finish with a unique luminosity effect. Natural split: the attraction of natural stone that evokes tradition, the ideal finish recalling the old streets of yesteryear.
Marked-scored: special working of the natural surface of the stone used to obtain a very rough and particularly non-slip effect.
Bushhammered: one of the most ancient effects, obtained today by a mechanical process that emphasises the chromatic richness of the stone. This working ensures a “rustic” appearance with a discreet non-slip surface.
Brushing: finish that is obtained by using rotating steel brushes that in contact with the unworked surface of the stone produce an antique/smooth effect alternating with zones with a natural appearance.

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