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Companies that defeated the crisis, Bergamo on top with 31 enterprises.


Also Granulati Zandobbio went through the global and sector crisis and although the bad moment between 2010 and 2016, rather than getting discouraged, it started to increase its business and to hire people.


The study has been carried out by a team of financial analysts of the rating agency ModeFinance and experts in corporate finance of Special Affairs.


The study relates companies with a turnover between 20 and 120 milions that, during the dark ages of crisis, were able to invent new business or reinvent the old one, able to rethink new production models enhancing the human capital. Granulati Zandobbio is one of the companies in this special “500 Champions” classification: it distinguished itself for frequent new product launches, continuous refining of production processes with new technology and installations, but especially a vocation to internationalisation that enabled her to manning with success the global markets.


ItalyPost has analysed more than 14,500 small and medium companies located in Italy and 31 of these are in Bergamo. These 31 Companies are now in the special classification “500 Champions”.
At the first place on the podium Milan (49 companies) followed by Bergamo and at the third place Vicenza (30).


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