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Walls, blocks and Claddings

A range of small modular elements that are highly versatile that are used to contain the earth of small slopes and embankments, to border green areas or to clad and embellish concrete walls. They all have features of great aesthetic appeal owing to the wide range of colours and fine finishes like the natural split finish that call to mind traditional dry stone walls by bringing out the naturalness of the surface.
They can be used for public or private green areas. On the other hand, the pillars are a more modern choice for marking off areas with architectural features that soar up vertically.

Decorative gabions , useful also to create retaining walls.
natural-panelSmall slats that form a single element the visible surface of which has a split finish
Square stone elements for making walls to retain earth or mark the boundaries of your garden.
Vertical elements enclosing the spaces: large slabs or materials of different shapes for fencing and embellishing your gardens.
Special items to be used as coping for the top of each wall.