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A product that has always been appreciated by lovers of a green decor but also by people looking for the perfect rock in natural stone. The quest for the round stone starts with children and never finishes. It is impossible not to collect stones smoothed by the sea or with such accentuated veining. The pebble undergoes the mechanical transformations required to obtain the desired rounding. In some cases, the products are already rounded by natural mechanical processes, normally because of the erosive action of the water. The product is mainly used for street furniture, gardens and decorating public and private grassy areas.

Marble, Porphyry and Granite
Marble, Porphyry and Granite pebbles have always been appreciated for their technical and luminous quality and are used in many applications requiring a high quality product in a vast range of sizes. The rounded shapes set off the natural veining.
Flat Sea Pebbles
A unique collection, a natural product in which the water has given the characteristic flat and rounded shape, ideal for a thin decorative layer in gardens, flower shops and urban settings.
Polished Pebbles
This product has been artificially polished to enable it to be used indoors in applications for prestigious decorations. If it is used outdoors it may gradually lose this characteristic.
Oriental Pebbles
Stones that are distinguished by their chromatic, unique and very evocative characteristics, with the beauty of different sizes of rounded stones.
Natural Pebbles
The totally natural pebble that has the typical colouring of the cobbles of an Italian river.
Glass and Semiprecious
Glass that is given the rounded shape that is so appreciated in gardens. In the Extra version the special attention to appearance enhances the product.