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A comprehensive range of natural stone products that can be used for all sorts of purposes with numerous architectural solutions to meet all outdoor paving needs. A range developed in many sizes, finishes and original colours. Paving from all over the world to offer the widest choice and the most suitable solution for your project: slabs of regular size that are ideal for paths, blocks that are suitable for vehicles, Opus to give the paving character with random patterns and paths installed dry to mark routes even over lawns and uneven ground. The process of defining fine paving must also comprise studying the details: we also offer a complete range of complementary products, like steps of different sizes, pillars, retaining walls, kerbs and anything else that will help enhance the architectural appearance and aesthetic appeal of your garden.

L’ALTRA PIETRA is the revolutionary porcelain stoneware paving that gathers all the beauty of natural stone with all the advantages of porcelain.

The intelligent paving system 2 cm-thickness porcelain stoneware tiles for outdoor applications.
The extremely robust outdoor paving.
Porcelain stoneware paving.
A complete range of refined solutions for decorating both indoor and outdoor settings: the numerous finishes available make them ideal for all types of footpath.
Small slabs that are suitable for both paving and wall cladding, characterised by irregular shapes, colours and surrounds. What makes this ancient type of paving special is the uniqueness of its pieces.
Small natural stone cubes that can always be used in different settings, both urban settings like roads, piazzas or sidewalks, and in residential settings. The fact that they can support vehicular traffic is one of their main characteristics.
Slabs with a rounded or circular shape useful to create small pathways and draw with great aesthetic every green space.
GRAVELFIX, draining paving
It is the recommended solution for stabilizing marble chips and decorative pebbles and get the best results for an economic and long-lasting paving.