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This family includes a very high number of natural stones of irregular and non-worked form. Marble, porphyry, granite and semiprecious stones provided in a variety of ranges of excellent quality. They are mainly used for street furniture and decorating public and private green areas. All the products are available in different sizes to enable the correct size for the final use to be chosen. A chromatic range without parallel on the Italian market to meet the needs of even the most demanding customer.

Marble, Porphyry and Granite
Granulati Zandobbio has a wide range of marble, porphyry and granite chippings, natural stones of excellent quality. Our products come from worldwide deposits and from Italian quarries. They are used in various sectors of construction, industry, urban furniture, agriculture, pharmaceutical, livestock and food, with a range of sizes and shades able to satisfy even the most demanding customers. In our catalog you will find the selection of the main marble chippings, porphyry and granite Made in Italy such as the prized Bianco Carrara, which stands out for its unique white color in the world, but also the Bianco Zandobbio, Rosso Verona, Giallo Siena, Nero Ebano, Green Alps, the granites of Montorfano and Baveno, resistant and beautiful.
Color Mix chippings
The best chipping mix, designed to obtain unique colour effects and contrasts, also made with particular combinations if requested.
Mineral Deco
Owing to their particular features and flattened shape, these products can replace natural bark with mineral mulch to protect the land from cold, dryness and weeds (without damaging any trees).
Decorative stones
Stones from all over the world, rare and unique items in terms of shape and colour for decorating gardens
Basic Gravel
A particular and careful selection of products that ensure the best value for money.
Glass and semiprecious
The recycled glass ensures sustainability in a product that is enhanced by the natural interaction of light. Stones coming from all over the world can be used in the fine decorations. The lack of carbonate makes the product fish friendly.