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ALUBORD, the edging
Alubord is the edging of Granulati Zandobbio that allows to delimit pavings and flower beds, allowing to clearly separate any decoration made with gravel, pebbles or stone chippings; it is the ideal garden border for DIY enthusiasts but also dedicated to the most demanding professionals. Available in aluminum, corten or plastic in many sizes and models. It is particularly suitable for use as containing edging for creating paths using gravel, interlocking paving, resin surfacing or other filler materials. It provides high resistance to foot traffic, ensuring the flooring is held solidly. Its simple installation method makes it quick to install and therefore highly economical as labour costs for installation and future maintenance are significantly reduced. The aesthetic features of the edging profile certainly make it one of the most interesting solutions from a design point of view, while maintaining a superior level of mechanical strength in comparison with alternative products.
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[column col="1/4"] INTENDED USES: -Containing flowerbeds, gravel avenues or paving -Gravelfix grilles -Green roofs -Terracing  

ADVANTAGES - Cheap - 100% recyclable - Easy to lay - Corrosion resistant - Resistant to atmospheric agents - Adapts to curvilinear trends - Durable - Practical [/column] [column col="1/4"]alubord _MG_9724 alubord-verdone2[/column] [column col="1/2"]

ALUBORD can be used in combination with natural PAMIDRE mulch to border the beds and create a layer of inert material that prevents the growth of weeds. alubord-pamidre Using ALUBORD in combination with GRAVELFIX is also recommended for creating stable paving or for enclosing gravel avenues. It can be laid quickly and does not require the use of special equipment. alubord-gravelfix
[/column] [column col="1/2"]alubord-tipi alubord-ia-h14-picchetti-ciottolo-carrara-tutorial-2017-7[/column] [column col="1/2"] [space height="35"] Aluminium edging, easily foldable and available in the following sizes and shapes:
  • ALUBORD IA: available in 14 cm height, self-fitting without junctions and fitted with slots to be picked up on the ground by the picket available in the catalog
  • ALUBORD I: available in 10 cm and 20 cm heights, self-fitting without the use of junctions.
  • ALUBORD L: 5 cm high, ideal for delimiting GRAVELFIX.
  copia-di-alubord-loghi-corten The corten steel edging, characterized by the characteristic rust color:
  • ALUBORD CORTEN I: available in 14 cm height.
  • ALUBORD CORTEN L: 5 cm hight, ideal for delimiting GRAVELFIX.
  copia-di-alubord-loghi-plastic Plastic edging, economic and practical:
  • ALUBORD PLASTIC I: available in 10 cm height, self-fitting without the use of junctions.
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PaMiDre, draining mulch
PAMIDRE is a layer of mineral material that is placed on flower beds or around the base of bushes to prevent excessive growth of weeds. [space divider="10"] [column col="1/2"]pamidre_logo [space divider="2"] The main function is to help to keep weeds under control but also to prevent excessive evaporation of water that could make the ground excessively dry in summer. In cold regions, mulch also protects the roots from frost in winter. PAMIDRE is the ideal mulch for keeping your beds clean and tidy at all times. PAMIDRE is easy to apply and requires no maintenance.[/column] [column col="1/2"]sacco[/column]
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PAMIDRE can be used in combination with ALUBORD to border the flower beds and create a layer of inert material to prevent the growth of weeds. alubord-pamidre


PAMIDRE mulch is spread 2-3 cm thick on a levelled weeded foundation. Thoroughly mix one bag with 1.5 litres of water and apply it directly to the desired zone. At high temperatures, the quantity of water must be increased. The layer hardens after about 2 days. The product must not be walked upon. Pamidre Technical Features  


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Calcestre per percorsi
Materiale utilizzato per creare pavimentazioni all'aperto, pedonali, carrabili, strade bianche e piste ciclabili, in stabilizzato naturale.   [column col="1/2"] BIANCO, ottenuto da una miscela di puro sasso bianco e TERRA che si presenta inizialmente marroncino e si schiarisce con le prime piogge. Entrambi sono disponibili nella granulometria 0/16 mm se si intende applicare uno strato di 2-3 cm su un fondo di tipo stradale: in alternativa si può avere una granulometria 0/50 mm se si desidera applicare il Calcestre direttamente sul terreno per uno strato di circa 15 cm. camm L'insieme degli strati riesce a formare per compattazione una crosta particolarmente resistente e stabilizzante. L'aspetto finale sarà  quello di un sentiero realizzato con una finitura in ghiaia fine. Questo prodotto ha limitate capacità  drenanti e si consiglia quindi di dare la giusta pendenza. La pavimentazione stradale realizzata con Calcestre è anche chiamata Macadam dal nome del suo ideatore. [/column] [column col="1/2"] [/column]
Quartz for filtration/sandblasting
[column col="1/2"] SAND FOR FILTRATION It is a siliceous spherical sand that is used for water filters in swimming pools or purifiers to retain the solid particles suspended in the water. Sand filtration is a well-proven and reliable method that enables high levels of removal to be achieved. USE The sand is ready for use and is dosed according to the volume of the filter used. In order to obtain correct filtering, replace the sand periodically. SAND FOR SANDBLASTING Quartz sand is also used to prepare a surface before primarization, by a mechanical process that exploits the highly abrasive capacity of the compound. During sandblasting, the individual grain of sand is projected at high speed onto the surface to be cleaned, loosening the layer to be removed and pulverising it. [/column] [column col="1/2"]quarzo [/column]
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DANSAND, no weed sand
[column col="1/2"]DANSAND_NATÜRLICH_out [space height="30"] SAND FOR JOINT OUTSIDE PAVING Two types of sand to prevent the growth of weeds permanently in paving conduits and joints. It is easy to use and its effects are long-lasting. It can withstand many years of rain without losing its weed-eliminating properties. [/column] [column col="1/2"]Dansand_Undgaa_ukrudt_belaegningsfugemoertel_A_6921[/column]
[column col="1/2"]dansand[/column] [column col="1/2"]NO WEED SAND (red bag for light-coloured jointing from 1 to 5 mm) (blue bag for anthracite jointing from 1 to 20 mm) NO WEED POLYMERIC SAND (grey bag for stiff and draining jointing from 2 to 15 mm)
TECHNICAL DATA SHEETS: Block Paving Sand for dark jointing Polymeric sand for paving [/column]
NOTES • The joint-filling material is not suitable for brick paving and some types of natural stone. • It is not suitable for major jointing. • The filling material of the joints is only for outdoor use and must not come into contact with the foundations or the masonry. • In extremely dry weather the material for filling the joints may leave white stains on the surface of the paving that can be easily removed with water.
  NO WEED SAND (red bag) NO WEED SAND (blue bag) POLYMERIC SAND (grey bag)
JOINT COLOUR Light Dark Light
GRANULOMETRY 0-1.5 mm 0-3 mm 0-1 mm
JOINT DIMENSIONS 1-5 mm 1-20 mm 2-15 mm
SPREAD 20 kg cover about 5-10 m2. E.g.: self-blocking measuring 14x21x5 cm, with jointing with width of 2-3 mm requires about 2 kg/m2. 20 kg cover about 5-10 m2. E.g.: self-blocking measuring 14x21x5 cm, with jointing with width of 2-3 mm requires about 2 kg/m2. 20 kg cover about 5-10 m2. E.g.: A: cube in granite measuring 9x9x6 cm, with jointing with width of 10 mm requires about 19 kg/m2. E.g.: B: self-blocking measuring 14x21x5 cm, with jointing with width of 2-3 mm requires about 2 kg/m2
JOINT DEPTH At least 5 cm for light traffic areas and at least 4 cm on terraces. Height of block. At least 5 cm for light traffic areas and at least 4 cm on terraces. At least 5 cm for light traffic areas and at least 3 cm on terraces and avenues.
PACKING 20 kg bag/Dry material 20 kg bag/Dry material 20 kg bag/Dry material
POLYMERISATION - - Yes: the effect depends on polymerisation factors like temperature, humidity, wind, sun, water and humidity of the substratum.
DRYING - - 24 hours at normal temperatures (20°C in dry weather)
  [column col="1/2"]LAYING NO WEED SAND The stone blocks or slabs must be laid on a normal foundation, as specified in the instructions for any type of paving work. The sand for the joint is permeable to water and also the bottom must be permeable. When the paving is dry, spread the sand with a spade and brush it into the joints with a brush, with diagonal movements in the sections of the joints, as you would do with sand for ordinary paving. Use a vibrating compactor on the new paving to obtain better results. Repeat the compacting task at least twice and if necessary fill the joint again. PROTECTING EXISTING PAVING Destroy and remove all weeds before starting to repair the paving. The new sand is unable to combat old weeds that have already taken root, so work must start on clean jointing.[/column] [column col="1/2"]indiano_DSC7995[/column]
BabySand, sand for children
[column col="2/3"] The sand for children is a natural and environmentally-friendly product that is totally hygienic and safe. It is riddled and washed and is recommended for play areas in parks, gardens and in communal areas of residential housing colori [/column] [column col="1/3"] bambino [/column]Castello sabbia_62983180
De-icing salt
[column col="1/2"] Salt (sodium chloride NaCl) is one of the most widely used products for removing snow and ice from the ground. When spread on icy surfaces, it causes the ice to melt and if applied in the first hours of a snow storm it forms a layer that prevents ice forming and contributes to eliminating the risk of slips and falls for pedestrians. In winter, treating roads with salt to keep the roads clear of ice and snow is an essential resource to provide road users with greater safety during snowfall or when there is ice on the road surface. It is also used for walkways and entrances. [/column] [column col="1/2"]3 [/column] [column col="1/2"] [/column] [column col="1/2"]
25 kg bags
50 items/bench
10 kg bags
50 items/bench
5 kg bags
200 items/bench [/column]
Rekord, coal briquettes
[column col="1/4"]REKORD_4C ganzstein[/column] [column col="1/4"]palette_folie[/column] [column col="1/2"]K95A2335-Bearbeitet[/column]
[column col="1/2"]HIGH-ENERGY BROWN COAL BRIQUETTES They are obtained from dry brown coal without any type of binder. This is a 100% natural product but, unlike wood, which burns fast, the REKORD briquette burns slowly, releasing heat constantly over a long period to ensure high combustion values. The briquette needs to be placed on a bed of embers in order to light the coal correctly. It is the ideal fuel for traditional stoves and grates, a convenient, cheap and efficient alternative. [space height="3"] [/column] [column col="1/4"]_MG_1161[/column] [column col="1/4"]_MG_1179[/column]
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