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Four generations of entrepreneurs have been working in the company since 1929 quarrying in the township of Zandobbio in the province of Bergamo. Production and storage take place on 5 distinct sites on premises extending over more than 200 thousand square metres.
Granulati zandobbio storia

1929 Gino Sottocornola, the great grandfather of the current owners, managed the Alta Val Brembana cement work but when it closed he started up on his own and in 1929 he opened a warehouse for inert products in the centre of Bergamo, in via Borgo Palazzo, and started to produce and distribute insert products for local cement businesses.
1934 The business relocated to near the historic centre of Zandobbio (Mulino district). The first Zandobbio quarry was opened there to produce Zandobbio marble chippings.
1950 The business moved from the centre of the town to the outlying district of Selva di Zandobbio (Santa Anna), where quarrying still takes place.
1955-1960 Another two production facilities were opened in Zandobbio (in Carecchio and in Madonne della Neve) to grind coloured marble to produce cement tiles.




1970-1980 Another three small quarries near the existing one in Santa Anna were acquired. One large quarry was thus created that is still used today.
1972  The first modern grinding plant was installed to meet the growing demand from the glass, paint and adhesives industries.
1980 Granulati Zandobbio srl became part of the original and historic family firm, Sottocornola G. snc
1985  All the existing plants were dismantled to create a new technologically cutting-edge plant: the new plant would be positioned in the lower part of the quarry, a strategic position in terms of visual and acoustic impact.
1990-1995  The plants for producing marble chippings were modernised and the first pebble production plant was set up
2000  The pebble production plant was overhauled, the features of which still place it in the vanguard and make it unique in Europe.
2003-2006   In Zandobbio, the storage facilities for raw materials and finished products were increased from  20,000 to 50,000 square metres.
2006   On 1 January Granulati Zandobbio srl, a limited liability company, became an SpA (joint-stock company).
2008   Acquisition of site of Marmi Mecca (which was the world’s largest producer of marble chippings in the 1960s): 50,000 square metres in a strategic area on the A4 Milan-Venice motorway.
2012  Creation of StoneCity, a permanent exhibition extending over 3,000 square metres showing the best settings created with Granulati Zandobbio natural stone products. The only area of its kind anywhere in the world.
2013-2014  The third generation pebble production plant was built. It is completely automated and incorporates sustainability that respects the environment and workers.